Harley Davidson Christmas Gift Baskets

Where has the year gone? It’s almost Christmas already and definitely time to start the holiday season off with some fun Christmas gift ideas for your favorite Harley guy or gal. And what could be better than one of my favorite gift ideas – Harley Davidson Christmas Gift Baskets. (Hmmm, I can think of two Harley-riding nephews who would love these. :) )

Bet your Harley rider would love a Harley Davidson Christmas gift basket under their tree

It’s almost as much fun to find delightful Harley Davidson collectibles and accessories as it will be for your giftee to open their present. :)

Did you know Hallmark issues special and unique Harley Davidson Christmas tree ornaments every year? And they’re not the only company who sells cute Harley Davidson collectibles. Franklin Mint carries a Harley Davidson line of tree ornaments, collectibles, and decorations as well. For that matter, you can find motorcycle ornaments of all types at just about every store. I have to admit, I love the little snowmen riding motorcycles.

I am looking for some cute snowmen riding on a Harley Davidson - those would be cute collectibles

Of course, you probably want to have some bigger gifts in this basket as well. Harley Davidson watches are definitely popular and this would make a big hit, plus fit in the basket quite nicely. There is also a great selection of Harley Davidson jewelry, from earrings to toe rings and plenty in between for the ladies. For the men, handsome rings in gold and sterling silver.

You could put some Harley Davidson watches around the waists of a gingerbread boy

Harley Davidson clothes are always popular. My favorites are the Harley Davidson T-shirts! I love the creative designs that are available. An especially thoughtful gift idea would be to buy Harley T-Shirts from far away cities or states. That would give you something special and unique just for your “honey.” Unless, that is, your special person is on a mission to collect a Harley Davidson T-Shirt from every place they’ve visited and doesn’t want other areas till they’ve been there. Then you’re probably better off going with a more generic T-shirt or maybe a Harley Davidson jean shirt.

Once you have your Harley Davidson Christmas basket all full, how about a really creative way of wrapping it. Pick up an ultra-soft fleece Harley Davidson blanket. Use it to wrap the gift and tie it with a big bow. The recipient of this Harley Christmas basket will think they’re getting a cute blanket and that’s all. Once they open it, they’ll be thrilled with all the other thoughtful Harley Davidson collectibles and accessories you’ve tucked in.

Pop some candy canes into the bows of your Harley Davidson Christmas baskets Talk about unique Christmas gift baskets! Instead of ho ho ho, they’ll be going, Harley, Harley, Harley. :)   I’m definitely going to have to add some of these goodies to my Christmas list. I’ll bet I win the award for best auntie of the year! And think about your fun family memories to come! Don’t forget to grab your easy to use digital camera, like the Canon Powershot easy to use silver digital camera. It’s so easy to carry and so perfect for taking tons of family shots easily! And how about you? Any suggestions to add to ? We’d love to hear them! Just go ahead and leave a note in the comments section. :)

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    Well, I do not mind giving gift baskets for presents especially when gift baskets come with affordable prices and fun stuff! And some personal stuff will create a difference and more in depth meaning.

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