Sharing Your Holiday Heart On Memorial Day With Military Friends & Family

Today is a day of remembering, sharing, and loving. It’s one of those special family holidays where the emphasis is on family time together. It’s a great time to teach the little ones about this wonderful country we live in and the brave men and women who have worked so hard to protect it and protect us! What a great Holiday Treasure you will be giving them!

A Holiday Heart Remembers Those Who Have Given Their Lives to Protect Us and Our Country!

This is a great day to go out to the garden or run to the florist Shop and get some holiday flowers. Many people are blessed to take them to the cemetery to remember beloved ones who have gone on before them.

Another lovely idea is to take some to family members or friends who have or who are serving in the military. Just about everybody loves flowers and it’s a wonderful way to say THANK YOU to them for all the sacrifices they are making. And I can tell you, as a military grandma, there are a lot of those! I have always been so proud of all the men and women in the service, but am triply so now that I’m seeing them up close and personal! They’ll so appreciate that kind of Holiday Treasure you are giving them!

A holiday gift of a thankful heart to each and every service person and their families

Another way you can bless those in the military today is to give them their very own personalized gift baskets full of holiday flowers from your garden or the florist Shop, along with coupons for free babysitting. When they live so far from most of their grandparents, brothers, sisters, and friends, the gift of free babysitting can be like gold to them!

As we celebrate this day, let’s not forget to stop and say THANK YOU to our Heavenly Father for His protection over this country.

This holiday heart says THANK YOU to God for His protection over our nation

May God bless America, and may America give praise and blessings to God!

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