Need Fun Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas? Segway Polo – In Person or By Video!

Segway personal transport vehicle i2I just discovered something fun and new for the whole family that my Harley Davidson-loving husband would have LOVED! Have you ever heard of a Segway? What is that you ask? It’s got several intriguing names including:

  • personal transport vehicle
  • personal transport device
  • human transporter
  • segway scooter
  • 3 wheeled personal transporter

Whatever you prefer to call it, the Segway is a fun way of personal transportation. You’ve probably seen something similar if you’ve been to an airport lately, as many of the police who monitor the front of the airport use them to easily zip around.

I think the Segway transport vehicle is cute and makes long walks much easier for those of us who hate to admit we are aging, but love to brag that we are in the baby boomer generation!

Wozcup Segway polo events using Segway 3 wheeled personal transporter wozcup2011dotcom

There are even Segway events, like a very cool Segway polo match going on this weekend in Northern California. Started by Steve Wozniak, who was one of the two founders of Apple Computers, it sounds like a very interesting time for the whole family. With Segway personal transporters and riders from various countries competing in Folsom, California at Prairie City Stadium (Folsom High School), your family could enjoy a flavor of the Olympics without all the crowds and expenses! You’ll have to hurry. They’re playing all day today and the final matches are tomorrow, Sunday, June 19, from 2-6 in the afternoon.

WozCup Segway Polo match using the Segway personal transport vehicle- wozcup2011dotcomNow wouldn’t that make for fun last minute Father’s Day gift ideas AND outings for a lot of dads out there! Don’t live nearby? How about popping some popcorn, grabbing some ice cold cokes, and enjoying a Segway polo video or five online! If he’s like my Harley husband, I bet he’ll get a kick out it!

P.S. I just heard that a wonderful group, Segs4Vets, is also there and giving away a free Segway wheelchair to a vet. AWESOME! So if you are a vet, or know of a vet, and are in the area, it should be a doubly great time!


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